MillersOils oil and lubricant distribution

The UK-based family company Millers Oils Ltd. has been producing high-quality oils, lubricants, fuel additives and other special products for a wide range of applications in motoring since 1887. For many products, PAO and triester base oils or revolutionary nanoparticles are used.

Oils supplied by Millers Oils are used in the World Rally Championship, the World Superbike Championship, the World Rallycross Championship, races of the Rallye Dakar type and other extreme applications demonstrating their excellent quality and performance.
Their premium quality makes the oils suitable for everyday civil use but also for high performance special engines.
We exclusively use all engine and gear oils, brake fluid, lubricants, fuel additives and other supplementary products supplied by MillersOils

The MillersOils lubrication plan is used to easily identify a suitable oil type: