Gearbox strengthening and tracking modification

The Nissan GT-R features a Borg-Warner 6-speed Dual-clutch gearbox GR6. The gearbox is conceptually located on the rear axle, with the engine drive connected by the cardan shaft. The front axle torque is transmitted by the integrated ETS electromagnetic clutch, which is controlled by the FWD control unit. Torque transmission on the front axle is again provided by the cardan shaft.
Thanks to two-clutch technology, the gear shifting of the individual gears is very accurate and fast (180ms) and the car’s driving is very dynamic. With slow manoeuvring or shifting while not driving, some strange sounds can sometimes be heard from the gearbox, but this is not unusual according to the manufacturer.
In any case, the gearbox requires regular maintenance every 15K km when the clutch gear learning is implemented.

After 30K km, the complete oil cartridge (10L) must be replaced, including two integrated oil filters. The maintenance also includes the oil change in the front and rear differential.

The R35 engine has a great power at the default configuration, which has to be perfectly taken on by the gearbox. The first model years of GT-R (2008-2010) were particularly faulty mainly due to gearbox and traction failures. This is why modifications and improvements were introduced, to prevent unwanted damage.
Of course, we offer countless modifications and upgrades of the complete transmission system, especially in terms of the engine power/torque

Overview of GR6 modifications

  • Stage Basic
  • Stage One
  • Stage Two
  • Stage Individual

For the modifications we use only reliable components supplied by DODSON Motorsport, Xtreme Motorsport, Albins, Willall Racing, and AMS Performance.