Boosting engine power

We offer professional modifications and engine power boosting, always preceded by the careful measurement of the current power values using the SuperFlow AutoDyn AWD30 cylindrical brake. Based on the evaluation of graphs, we perform precise and unique tuning, specifically tailored for your car.

The actual modification and increase of the engine power is performed according to the client’s request. In Stage 1, we apply the data and parameters modification of the ECM control unit through the interfaces: EcuTek, Cobb, Sywecs, MoTeC.
In Stages 2, 3, and Individual, it is necessary to install the necessary HighPerformance components prior to the tuning to ensure the required performance
We always stand behind our work, including all the guarantees for all our services.

Splitting of modifications categories according to engine power:

  • Stage One 595Hp/790Nm
  • Stage Two 640Hp+/820Nm
  • Stage Three 700Hp+/880Nm
  • Stage Individual 1206Hp/1294Nm

EcuTek First

Since we are the exclusive Nissan GT-R vehicle EcuTek representative (tuner) for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we prefer to tune and increase engine power using the software of the mentioned UK-based company.

The system is absolutely simple and unique to allow the modification of parameters directly in the engine control unit. Therefore, there is no need for any other interference through wiring or other systems on the vehicle.

When buying a BT Module, the ECUconnect application allows you to instantly connect the vehicle online via Smart Phone. This gives us maximum overview over the vehicle, the ability to adjust and customize many parameters, onboard diagnostics with logging capability and many other additional features.