Professional maintenance of automatic gearboxes

The vast majority of car makers claim that the oil fillings in automatic gearboxes last lifetime. This is not really a lie, even though it does not reflect the actual service life of the gearbox or the entire car. This magical number can differ considerably - whether it is 500K or just 100K km driven. So the word “lifelong” sounds great, but it does really tell you anything specific.

Regardless of the type and number of gears, automatic gearboxes are extremely sensitive aggregates. Thus, the cleanliness of the oil filling is paramount. It is not true what many people say that there are carbonaceous sediments forming in the gearboxes. The oil gradually deteriorates by the mechanical wear of the inner parts and also ages naturally.
In practice, therefore, the first ATF can be used for a maximum of 80-100K km, and then it must be carefully replaced with new oil, including a flush. If the oil filter (sieve) is accessible without removing and disassembling the gearbox, replace it too.

Every subsequent oil change must be performed within 40-60K km driven. This will ensure that the gearbox runs with high-quality oil filling. The most common faults of the AT gearbox are due to contaminated oils, which cannot sufficiently fulfil their function.

We offer oil exchange using the best available method - a professional ATF filler.

The principle is very simple. Connect the discharge and filling hoses of the ATF filler to the gearbox hydraulic circuit. Thanks to the built-in pump, we achieve almost complete suction of the old oil from the gearbox, the hydrodynamic converter and the gearbox cooler. Remove the oil filter and the oil pan gasket, if applicable, as soon as the gearbox is empty. Subsequently, the process of filling the new oil starts, including the automate level detection. The whole operation takes between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the type of the vehicle and the oil contamination. The type of the oil filling is chosen strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.